Thursday, October 19, 2017

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10-19-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article:  "Iraq Will Remain United By HAIDER al-ABADI OCT. 18, 2017"  Quote:  "In June 2014, the cover of Time magazine echoed a sentiment common among pundits and outsiders: “The End of Iraq, it read. I am proud to say that three years later, thanks to the Iraqi armed forces and the Iraqi people, these predictions were wrong…"   What is Abadi up to??   Why submit this to the NYT today??   Of all the times to be concerned with what the world thinks. It appears there may be much more riding on this than we can imagine.

10-19-2017  Guest Guru BobTheTaxMan 
 My invitation to you is relax, ok…you bought your ticket, relax.  It’s going to come to fruition at some time.  You have your investment, so relax…When this thing comes to fruition you will know cause the whole world is going to know.  It had huge amount of exposure several years ago.  I mean even on national news everyone was buying their dinar, ok.  You’ll hear it.  It will go through the communities like crazy.  Another part of it is, when you tie yourself in to these groups that are saying, “With our 800 number you’ll be able to…”, You don’t need those.  those are not necessary.  They are not important.  I wouldn’t even bother with them.  So don’t worry about attaching yourself to anything like that.  So just relax.  You have an investment.  It has a great potential and it’s a minimal amount of investment. Relax.

10-19-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98  [...we are hearing it has happened, or is about to happen… not that we can believe anything from Maliki’s news sources.]  Yes, they have been claiming that ‘fake news’ is being put out in Iraq.  But Abadi did speak...  They said, “In the coming days it will be done”, and here is Abadi saying the same thing.  And I don’t know exactly when the RV will pop, but it’s clearly getting done based on what’s being done.  Of course it’s frustrating to wait, but if this had come out a year or two ago, we all might have made some major mistakes.

10-19-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat  Allaq was in the USA at a World Banking Conference in Washington DC last week... If you truly listen to the speech ...you would see that he was introduced as the governor of the CBI, as has been done many times already in many other past meetings with the IMF, UN, World Bank, etc... So why was he not then the “official“ governor since his introduction was exactly the same?  Saturday’s introduction does not mean he is now “officially” appointed the governor the CBI.  We have absolutely no other confirmation that this has officially been done, and when he is appointed, if he gets appointed, you will not have to guess at it, since it will be international news and widely known.  I rechecked with my CBI contact in Iraq and Allaq is still a proxy governor. 

10-19-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana  Article:  "Haider al-Abadi Is Succeeding At The World’s Hardest Job!"    I said it in 2013, and I will continue to say it: Abadi is the best man we could possibly hope for to lead Iraq forward.  Elections will be coming up in 1Q 2018, which is not too far away... but if the election process will have any impact on an RV-push, we have to be prepared to ride this out a little longer. If Abadi does have a secret weapon in his stash to tip the Iraqi Dinar into a revalue situation, he could certainly use it at any time between now and April. I don't see a significant benefit to waiting TOO long, in fact it would be better to use that tool sooner rather than later. There will be some major changes across the board after the currency jumps, and it might be in Abadi's favor to have a month or two to settle everything down before he begins campaigning for re-election based on an incredibly successful 4 years.

10-19-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru payray   Article:  "The participation of a huge Saudi Arabia in Baghdad International Fair"  Quote:  "...during the period from 21 to 30 current month of October by 60 companies from various industrial and service sectors."    The Saudi's are certainly chomping at the bit to benefit from Iraq's potential... The need for the Iraqi economy to have a currency that is international in order to ensure that the Saudi's exports will be afforded, and bought within Iraq is essential...  Certainly would be nice if that added value would occur before the beginning of this 9 day fair...

Calls for Barzani to Resign/UN praises CBI Implementing Economic Reforms


BGG   Article:  "Iraq Will Remain United By HAIDER al-ABADI OCT. 18, 2017" 

Quote:  "In June 2014, the cover of Time magazine echoed a sentiment common among pundits and outsiders: “The End of Iraq,” it read.

I am proud to say that three years later, thanks to the Iraqi armed forces and the Iraqi people, these predictions were wrong…"   What is Abadi up to??  

Why submit this to the NYT today??   Of all the times to be concerned with what the world thinks. It appears there may be much more riding on this than we can imagine.

"Preparation" - Intel Report from Alexander Gagin/Yosef via Jeff 10/19/17

I just felt this was IMPORTANT info to share with the community.

-- Submitted by Jeff

Dunford gave Beijing the thumbs up on readiness this morning just after 2am.

His US military did another fully dressed RV rehearsal last night (3rd in a row mind you) complete with military fly overs of civilian metro areas and the full exchange process in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico.

All began after sun down on the west coast.

This means US can now freely commence their portion of the RV at anytime. Which is a requirement for the Republic to be brought forward.

That’s why nobody in Republic leadership ever openly criticizes Trump—it was in the sovereignty treaty signed with the elders to wait until the RV released before they began dethroning Trump.

All redundant call and redemption centers are at this hour sync’d and deemed interchangeable without public detection.

There are 12 separate strategies humming at once in case of attack or event distraction.

Dunford is in charge of guaranteeing the delivery and performance of the RV for all American territories.

Much of his structural strategies were completed last year, but new centers were added or subtracted as needed with the hurricanes.

There were also additional software patches added to prevent hackers from freezing the system.

PR has a redemption location which is back up. This is why the US is waiting on major relief efforts financially—as PR citizens will have their own money soon.

Many in my camp feel nothing will happen until Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping speaks tonight at the 19th CPC National Congress.

The once every five year event starts at 9pm EST tonight Tuesday (Wednesday 9am CST).


Xi is first to speak and opens the conference by setting a national 5 year agenda for China and the world. It’s similar to the first State of the Union speech for newly elected American Presidents.


Perhaps this where we finally hear the term gold standard and it will be set in place for the Yuan to be convertible in gold, globally, and why nothing in the USA was allowed to go through as to give Xi total recognition for leading the world forward financially versus the three ring circus that is Trump—all by intentional design of China who now very publicly take control of all world affairs.

Things could and should move forward very fast from here on out, as today marks exactly two weeks remaining before the end of October and start of the 2017 holiday season.

We’ve heard from multiple paymasters T3 SKR bond exchanges would hydrate and be spendable sometime today in the US and Canada. This includes ZIM bond/currency redemptions privately contracted.

So stay ready and vigilant especially later tonight well into the wee hours tomorrow Wednesday morning.

God is with us.